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2nd email received on 13th Jan after first on 9th Jan 2021 from Alfred Cobb. Still bounces back. Looks like an Outlook problem as it generate a very strange email address that is not responding. Perhaps try something other than mobile phone. Re: the Cobb family and Moorgrove, Martham. Thank you. Peter Dawson

Coming soon:-
  • Domesday
  • Vicars
  • The Martham Manor

January 2021: New pages were added for Arthur Methuen Ribbands (1899-1981), the Fire Station/Service and 60 to 70 White Street cottages.

December 2020: The page for St Mary the Virgin was completely re-written. New pages were added Rev. Richard Spurgeon (1767-1842), Rev. Herbert Webster, Anthony William Crisp (1860-1931) and Dr. Anthony Crisp (1814-1900). Four more pages were added for Sport, the Playing Field, the Jasmines and the Vicarage. Brief pages were produced on the martyr Thomas Hitton and the Martham Ambulance.

November 2020: New pages were added about the Rising family providing thumbnail sketches of 107 members of the family who were connected with Martham. Plus family trees, charts, photographs and more detailed personal profiles for 19 members of the family. Associated pages for Grove House, Black Street, Rose Farm, Cess and Thunder Hill Farm were also added.

October 2020: New pages were added about Moregrove, Clarkes Farm, Dairy Barn Farm and Blackthorn Cottage.

September 2020: New personal profile pages on Francis Blomefield, Rev. George Pearse, Rev Joseph John Gurney & the Gunton family were added. New pages were added on the Star Inn, Victoria Inn and Bottle Hall Cottages.
The website now has 279 pages of information, 65 photo albums and 3,631 photographs.

August 2020: A new page about the Black Death was added.

July 2020: A list of those included in the 1861 census was added. Information pages on the Isle of Flegg and Cess were added. Building details were added for Cranes Green Cottage; Oddfellows Hall; The King’s Arms and landlords William & Richard Rogers. Personal profiles were added for Elijah Gymer (1855-1891); David & Anna Hinderer; George & Susannah Amis and their daughters Christina & Betsy; Henry Hodds (1842-1884); Ernest Henry William Twite; Humphrey Gymer (1865-1953) & Jane, nee Ward (1865-1934); George William Cooke and additional information about the Bane Family in general.

June 2020: Details about Martham’s windmills/wind pumps were added. These were Hemsby Road windmills; Repps Road smock mill; Bracey’s wind pump; Martham Boatbuilding wind pump and the Pits Skeleton wind pump. Plus information about some windmill millers: James Bane (1768-1834); James Bane (1793-1861); James William Bane (1869-1963); William Barnard Crowe (1798-1856); James Cooper Faulke (1819-1883); James Coper Faulke (1857-1905); William Wells (1781-1846) and William Harrison Wells (1805-1874). Pages describing all the Footpaths in the village were added and a page about Fairs & Carnivals. A personal profile page for William Lack (1819-1898) was added. Finally a page about the property called Sunnyside in Damgate the home of a sail maker. The website now has 65 photo albums and over 2,560 photographs.

May 2020: 120 more photos were added, mainly of buildings. The following pages were added during May: Blackcurrant Farming; Bracey & Son; Burraway story; Durban House; Ferrygate; Heigham Holmes; Kirby family & businesses; Linford family; Manor Farm; Martham Boat Building & Development Co.; Ferry; Occupations of the People of Martham before 1800; River Thurne & Martham Broad; Staithes; The strange story of base born Biggs; Railways and Gatehouses. The page on the 1812 Inclosure Award was updated.

This website was launched on 1st May 2020 with 201 pages and over 2,300 images in 56 albums.