Directories for Martham

Kelly’s, White’s and Hunt’s were all trade directories that listed  businesses and tradespeople in a particular city, town or village. (Kelly’s was also known as Harrod & Co). In effect, they were early versions of today’s Yellow Pages. They normally start with a short general description of the town or village and then list the professions, businesses and tradespeople operating there. They provide an invaluable snapshot of a locality on the date published.

The directories available here are shown below. Click on any of your choice to open a new window in a pdf.

In addition displayed below is a selection of the narrative from just a few of the directories that describe Martham in the year shown.

1836 White’s Directory
Hunt & Co 1850 Directory
1854 White’s Directory
Page 1 of 1864 White’s Directory
Page 2 of 1864 White’s Directory
1877 Kelly’s Director
1879 Kelly’s Directory
1894-95 Gazetteer of England & Wales
1896 Kelly’s Directory
1937 Kelly’s Directory

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