School Register for Martham 1890-1912

An often overlooked record that is very useful to historians and genealogists is the National School Admissions Register. On this page you will find details of the one for Martham which covers the years 1890 to 1912. In most cases the register provides useful details including admission date; child’s date of birth; surname; forename of the child ; father’s name; address; previous school (if applicable) and the leaving date plus the reason. Not all the records are available for every child.

The register is in two parts: an alphabetical list which gives their admission number and a list of the child’s record using this number .

You can view an alphabetical list of pupils as a pdf by clicking HERE.

You can view the numerical list of pupils as a pdf by clicking HERE.


An alternative to the above is an album of the same records. Click a thumbnail for a close-up and scroll through all the images from there.

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