Arthur Methuen Ribbands (1899-1981)

Arthur was born on 12th December 1899 in Martham as the seventh child of Samuel Charles Ribbands & Susannah, nee Ward. He grew up living with his parents at Black Street and attended the village school from 1903 to 1909.

In 1926 he married Edith Helen Simmons the daughter of Elijah Simmons & Edith Ellen Flowerdew in Great Yarmouth. They had three children: Derek born in 1927; Cynthia born in 1931 and Moyra in 1935.

Former Martham Post Office then became Arthur Ribbands’hairdressing shop c1920

Arthur was a postman in about 1920 and worked out of the old Post Office which is now a private house at 26 Repps Road. Later he became a hairdresser and barber.

By 2020 Martham Post Office shown here (next door to The Star Inn was No26 Repps Road), re-named Clamps Close, left of it is No28 called Morningside, then No30 known as The Wilderness.

Edith died on 15th June 1968 and Arthur on 14th August 1981. They are both commemorated with a plaque in section F of the area reserved for the scattering of ashes at St Mary the Virgin.

Arthur’s hairdresser advert in the 1936 Martham Carnival programme.

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