1861 Census for Martham

The 1861 Census for England was taken on the night of 7th April 1861. Everyone who had spent the night in the property should have been listed including people who were just visiting for the night. This is an example of an 1861 census page for Martham.

Enumeration forms were distributed to all households a couple of days before census night and the completed forms were collected the next day. If the head of the household had any problems completing the form the enumerator would assist. All the details from the individual forms were later sorted and copied into enumerators’ books, which are the records we can view images of today. The original householders’ schedules were destroyed.

The enumerators’ book are the records that are transcribed to provide the digital records we use today. The digital records therefore depend heavily on the ability of whoever transcribed them. Transcription of the 1861 records were particularly poor. Whoever did them exercised very little knowledge of the village and there are numerous incorrect street spellings and many incorrect names of individuals. I have tried to correct as many of these as possible in my list but if you find errors please contact me and I will make amendments. If your search fails to find someone you expect to be there try alternative spellings or abbreviations.     

The census was carried out by splitting Martham into two districts for administrative purposes. The Enumerator for District 1 was Benjamin Rising Purdy (1816-1891) who was a farmer and lived at Elmside, White Street and for District 2 it was Richard Rogers (1829-1901) who was the landlord of the King’s Arms.
District 1 was described as follows: “Part of the parish of Martham from and including the hamlet and West End of Cess. The Repps Road and along that road leading to the village taking the north side, along Black Street taking the north side on to Clarkes Farm and cottages adjoining, and on to Mustard Hyrn.”
District 2 was described as follows: “Part of the parish of Martham. From and including the village from the Rollesby Lane both sides, along the south side of the Black Street to the Church, along the road at the back of the Church to the hamlet of Damgate, along the Somerton Road to the Green taking the Back Lane, both sides of The Green. The Hall and Dairy House Farm and along the Hemsby Road to Gibbet Hill.
There are 52 pages listing 1,092 people. The people were made up of 543 males and 549 females. Their age ranges are as follows:-

18 & under467
19 to 2497
25 to 34137
35 to 44137
45 to 5492
55 to 6474
65 to 7444
75 & over44


The census provides an indication of the work or occupations people had at the time. The largest fell into three categories as follows: 142 (13%) were agricultural labourers; 62 (6%) were servants, either living-in or working from home; 33 (3%) were farmers. Many other skills and services were provided by people in the village but none represented more than 1% of the population. They included: 12 part-time dressmakers, 11 blacksmiths, 10 carpenters, 9 shoemakers, 7 bricklayers, 7 watermen/boatmen, 6 apprentices, 6 gardeners, 6 wheelwrights, 5 fishermen, 5 millers, 4 tailors, 3 teachers, 2 thatchers, 2 butchers, 2 watchmakers and a draper. Most of the others had no work or were of school age. Generally speaking married women did not work.

Below is a table of all those recorded for Martham in the same order as the original census forms, thus keeping families together, but it can be sorted using the arrows at the top of each column. Thus, if you want it in alphabetical name order just click on ‘surname’. It will automatically revert to the original order when the page is closed or clicking on the column marked ‘No.’ will sort the records back to their original order.
There are dozens of pages so you may like to use the ‘search’ facility.
“Other Information” abbreviations are: hd=head, wf=wife, s=son, d=dau, Mot=Mother, Fat=Father, gs=grandson, gd=granddaughter, serv=servant, MotL or FatL= Mother or Father in Law, vis=Visitor, brd=boarder/lodger. The status abbreviations are mar=married, unm=unmarried, wid=Widow(er).

NoSurnameForename(s)AddressAgeOther Information
1GREENRobertClarks Farm58farmer
2GREENJudithClarks Farm55farmers wife
3SMITHMaryClarks Farm19servant
4BROOKESJohnClarks Farm Road23ag lab
5BROOKESElizabethClarks Farm Road25ag labs wife
6BROOKESAnn ElizabethClarks Farm Road5 mthsd, unm
7SYMONDSJohnClarks Farm Road32hd, mar, farmer
8SYMONDS SusanClarks Farm Road20wf, mar, farmers wife
9SYMONDSCharlesClarks Farm Road1d, unm
10BROWNWilliamClarks Farm Road50hd, mar, husbandsman
11BROWNMaryClarks Farm Road40wf, mar, husbandsmans wife
12BROWNMaria RebeccaClarks Farm Road7d, unm, scholar
13BROWN John WilliamClarks Farm Road1s, unm
14UTTING JohnBlack Street39hd, mar, ag lab
15UTTING SusanBlack Street37wf, mar, ag labs wife
16GEORGEJohnBlack Street10Boarder
17MACE WilliamBlack Street7Boarder
18DURRANT RobertBlack Street67ag lab
19KIRBYClementBlack Street37blacksmith
20KIRBYAnn ElizaBlack Street30wf, mar, blacksmiths wife
21KIRBYAnn ElizaBlack Street8d, unm
22KIRBYElijahBlack Street6s, unm
23KIRBYMarthaBlack Street4d, unm
24KIRBYSamuelBlack Street4 mthss, unm
25HAYTONWilliamBlack Street50hd, mar, gardener
26HAYTONRebeccaBlack Street47wf, mar, gardeners wife
27HAYTON WilliamBlack Street23s, unm, ag lab
28HAYTON JamesBlack Street20s, unm, ag lab
29HAYTONEdmundBlack Street12s, unm
30HAYTONGeorgeBlack Street8s, unm
31HODDSBenjaminBlack Street57hd, mar, ag lab
32HODDSElizabethBlack Street52wf, mar, ag lab wife
33HODDS HarrietBlack Street29d, unm
34GUYMER JohnBlack Street33hd, mar, ag lab
35GUYMER SarahBlack Street32wf, mar, ag labs wife
36GUYMER ElijahBlack Street5s, unm
37GUYMER ElizaBlack Street3d, unm
38GUYMER BlanchBlack Street2d, unm
39WATSONWilliamBlack Street34hd, mar, ag lab
40WATSONAnnBlack Street34wf, mar, ag labs wife
41LOWNEAliceBlack Street3neice, unm
42KNIGHTSAlfredBlack Street29hd, mar, farmer+
43KNIGHTS CarolineBlack Street24wf, mar, farmers wife
44SAUNDERS JohnBlack Street31hd, mar, ag lab
45SAUNDERSPhillisBlack Street34wf, mar, ag lab wife
46BROOKSJohnBlack Street60hd, mar, ag lab
47BROOKSPhillisBlack Street52wf, mar, ag lab wife
48BROOKSAnn Marie WalkerBlack Street12d, unm
49REEVERobertBlack Street36bdr, wid, carpenter
50HINDLEMaryBlack Street76hd, wid
51GRIMMER JohnBlack Street28gs, wid, ag lab
52THOMPSON MaryBlack Street57hd, wid, farmer+
53THOMPSON HammondBlack Street32s, unm, farmers son
54THOMPSON John ElliotBlack Street22s, unm, farmers son
55THOMSON Harriet MBlack Street21d, unm
56THOMPSON FrederickBlack Street19s, unm, farmers son
57THOMPSONJosephBlack Street17s, unm, apprentice+
58HAYWARDEmilyBlack Street17serv, unm, house servant
59JOHNSON George SmithBlack Street50hd, mar, farmers lab
60JOHNSON RebeccaBlack Street43wf, mar, labs wife
61GEDGEWilliamBlack Street57hd, mar, farm lab
62GEDGE JudithBlack Street33wf, mar, farm lab wife
63DOVE SamuelBlack Street84bdr, wid, farm lab
64SKOYLESThomasBlack Street23hd, mar, carpenter
65SKOYLESAgnes ArlettaBlack Street19wf, mar
66RUST CharlesBlack Street36hd, mar, millwright
67RUST HannahBlack Street32wf, mar
68RUST CharlesBlack Street10s, unm, scholar
69RUSTEmmaBlack Street8d, unm, scholar
70COOPER AlfredBlack Street32hd, mar, police constable
71COOPER DianaBlack Street33wf, mar
72COOPER WilliamBlack Street10s, unm, scholar
73COOPER Emmaline JuliaBlack Street8d, unm, scholar
74COOPER Gertrude JaneBlack Street8 mthsd, unm
75GREENACREMarthaBlack Street75hd, wid
76LOWNE JohnBlack Street28hd, mar, ag lab
77LOWNE JaneBlack Street26wf, mar
78LOWNE DanielBlack Street4s, unm
79LOWNE Alice JaneBlack Street3d, unm
80LOWNE EmmalineBlack Street15mthsd, unm
81HILLThomasBlack Street21bdr, unm, ag lab
82JONES WilliamBlack Street24hd mar, ag lab
83JONES Mary AnnBlack Street26wf, mar
84JONES WilliamBlack Street3s, unm
85JONES JohnBlack Street3 mthss, unm
86DURRANT SarahBlack Street60hd, wid, labs wife
87HARMANWilliamBlack Street50hd, mar, blacksmith
88HARMANAnnBlack Street55wf, mar
89THOMPSON DavidBlack Street17s, unm, blacksmiths son
90LYDAMORE CarolineBlack Street5neice, unm
91WISEMANJosephBlack Street39hd, mar, blacksmith
92WISEMAN Mary AnnBlack Street34wf, mar
93WISEMAN JeremiahBlack Street14s, unm, lab
94WISEMAN HarrietBlack Street12d, unm, scholar
95WISEMAN RobertBlack Street12s, unm, scholar
96WISEMAN Mary AnnBlack Street1d, unm
97LAMBERT HenryBlack Street43hd, mar, blacksmith+
98LAMBERT ElizabethBlack Street43wf, mar
99LAMBERT ElizabethBlack Street10d, unm, scholar
100LAMBERTMary AnnBlack Street7d, unm, scholar
101LAMBERT HenryBlack Street5s, unm, scholar
102LAMBERT RebeccaBlack Street4s, unm, scholar
103SUTTON JamesBlack Street21bdr, unm, blacksmith
104LOWNE MosesBlack Street70hd mar, roadman
105LOWNE JulietBlack Street71wf, mar
106LOWNEMary AnnBlack Street47d, unm (Black St)
107LOWNE Samuel WilliamBlack Street10gs, unm, scholar
108LEACHShawlThe Green75hd, wid, gentleman
109DENT JanetThe Green65serv, mar, housekeeper
110NICHOLS JohnThe Green58hd, mar, boatman
111NICHOLS ElizabethThe Green50wf, mar
112PAYNE CarolineThe Green21serv, unm
113MOORERobertThe Green35hd, mar, +
114MOORE HannahThe Green35wf, mar
115MOOREHannah IsabelleThe Green11d, unm
116MOORE Mary AnnThe Green9d, unm
117MOORE Alice EllenThe Green9d, unm
118HANNANTHannahThe Green17serv, unm, housemaid
119REEVEHenry WebsterThe Greenhd mar, watchmaker
120REEVE CharlotteThe Green47wf, mar, watchmakers wife
121GOOSE RobertThe Green35hd, mar, ag lab
122GOOSE EmilyThe Green38wf, mar, labs wife
123GOOSE BenjaminThe Green14s, unm, ag lab
124GOOSE AmbroseThe Green8s, unm
125GOOSE JoshuaThe Green6s, unm
126GOOSE EmilyThe Green3d, unm
127GOOSE EllenThe Green1d unm
128GREENJonathonThe Green55hd, mar, ag lab,
129GREEN HarrietThe Green58wf, mar ag lab wife
130GREEN CubitThe Green10gs, unm
131COOPER CharlesThe Green36hd, mar, General Practitioner
132COOPERSarahThe Green31wf, mar
133COOPER Charles EdwardThe Green9s, unm, scholar
134WOOLSTONE RebeccaThe Green18serv, unm, house servant
135WOOLSTONEMarkThe Green17unm, groom
136WOODHOUSE RobertRepps Road47hd, mar, basket maker
137WOODHOUSE ElizabethRepps Road40wf, mar
138HODDS SarahRepps Road22d, unm
139HODDS SusanRepps Road20d, unm
140HODDS CharlesRepps Road17s, unm
141WOODHOUSEJamesRepps Road11s, unm
142WOODHOUSE JohnRepps Road8s, unm
143WOODHOUSE LouisaRepps Road16mthsd, unm
144HAYWARDSamuelRepps Road40hd, mar, basket maker
145HAYWARD MaryRepps Road42wf, mar
146HAYWARD HerbertRepps Road12s, unm, scholar
147HAYWARD JosephRepps Road10s, unm, scholar
148HAYWARD Susannah ElizabethRepps Road7d, unm, scholar
149HAYWARDSamuelRepps Road5s, unm
150HAYWARD EdwardRepps Road3s, unm
151HAYWARDSarah AnnRepps Road10mthsd, unm
152JAY RobertRepps Road40hd, mar, gardener
153JAY SarahRepps Road46wf, mar, gardeners wife
154JAY ThomasRepps Road15s, unm
155JAY FrederickRepps Road14s, unm
156JAY EmilyRepps Road12d, unm
157JAYJesseyRepps Road10d, unm
158HILL JamesRepps Road62hd, wid
159UTTON SarahRepps Road76hd, wid
160UTTON RebeccaRepps Road37d unm
161UTTONEdwardRepps Road36hd, mar, ag lab
162UTTONMary AnnRepps Road33wf mar, ag lab wife
163UTTON ElizabethRepps Road10d, unm
164UTTON DanielRepps Road8s, unm
165UTTON Ann MarieRepps Road5d unm
166UTTONMary AnnRepps Road3d unm
167UTTONJohnRepps Road1s, unm
168BROOKESWilliamRepps Road26hd, mar, shoemaker+
169BROOKESMariaRepps Road30wf, mar
170BROOKES ElouisaRepps Road1d, unm
171PIGGIN ThomasRepps Road72hd mar, brick layer
172PIGGIN SarahRepps Road60wf, mar, brick layers wife
173PIGGIN ThomasRepps Road28s, unm, brick layers son
174PIGGIN BenjaminRepps Road12gs, unm
175WRIGHT JamesRepps Road72hd, mar, brick layer
176WRIGHT MaryRepps Road77wf, mar, brick layers wife
177BROWN Ann ElizabethRepps Road12gd, unm, house servant
178PAYNEWilliamRepps Road76hd, wid, gentleman
179DAWSON JohnRepps Road62hd, mar, landed proprietor+
180DAWSON ElizabethRepps Road70wf, mar
181GREENACRE JohnRepps Road41hd, mar, shoemaker
182GREENACRE ElizabethRepps Road45wf, mar, shoemakers wife
183GREENACREWesleyRepps Road14s, unm, scholar
184GREENACRE JoannaRepps Road12d, unm, scholar
185GREENACRE MahalaRepps Road10d, unm, scholar
186GREENACRE WalterRepps Road8s, unm, scholar
187GREENACRE EmmaRepps Road7d, unm, scholar
188GREENACRE HenryRepps Road3s, unm
189SPRINGALL JohnRepps Road27hd, mar, blacksmith
190SPRINGALL MariaRepps Road27wf, mar, blacksmiths wife
191SPRINGALL JamesRepps Road6s, unm
192DOVE SamuelRepps Road55hd, mar, victualler & carrier
193DOVEMary AnnRepps Road55wf, mar, victuallers wife
194DOVEMary AnnRepps Road23d. unm
195DOVE John SamuelRepps Road16s, unm
196DOVE Eliza AdelaideRepps Road9gd, unm
197SkoylesEdwardRepps Road28bdr, unm, machineman
198ALLPRESSJamesRepps Road28hd, mar, harness maker
199ALLPRESSElizabethRepps Road22wf, mar
200ALLPRESSGeorgeRepps Road2s, unm
201DURRANT RobertRepps Road45hd, mar, painter & glazier
202DURRANTMary AnnRepps Road45wf, mar
203DURRANT JohnRepps Road16s, unm
204DURRANT RobertRepps Road15s, unm
205DURRANT SamuelRepps Road12s, unm
206DURRANTWilliamRepps Road8s, unm
207DURRANT ElizaRepps Road14d, unm
208DURRANTAlbertRepps Road5s, unm
209DURRANT DanielRepps Road3s, unm
210DURRANT AnnisRepps Roadd, unm
211DURRANTGeorgianaRepps Road7d, unm
212CHAPMAN JulietRepps Road78hd, wid
213MOORE JulietRepps Road22neice, unm
214SELF GeorgeRepps Road50hd, mar, master painter+
215SELFMary AnnRepps Road45wf, mar
216DOVE WilliamRepps Road21hd, mar, ag lab
217DOVE MariaRepps Road27wf, mar
218DOVE EmmaRepps Road4d, unm
219DOVEWilliamRepps Road1s, unm
220STEVENSWilliamRepps Road21bdr, unm, artist
221PAYNE JohnRepps Road24bdr, unm, ag lab
222TAYLORJamesRepps Road21bdr, unm, painter
223WATSONRobertRepps Road25hd, mar, ag lab
224WATSON Sarah AnnRepps Road27wf, mar
225WATSON Ellen ElizaRepps Road3d, unm
226WATSON RobertRepps Road1s, unm
227TUNGATE HenryRepps Road29hd, mar, ag lab
228TUNGATEElizabethRepps Road28wf, mar
229TUNGATE RichardRepps Road5s, unm )
230TUNGATEWilliamRepps Roads, unm
231DYBALLHumphreyRepps Road35hd, mar, ag lab
232DYBALL MarthaRepps Road30wf, mar
233DYBALL ChristianaRepps Road10d, unm, scholar
234WARE JosephRepps Road55hd, mar, master miller
235WARERibeccaRepps Road53wf, mar
236FUTTERJamesRepps Road16bdr, unm, miller’s apprentice
237JEARYJamesRepps Road43hd, mar, ag lab
238JEARYMary AnnRepps Road35wf, mar
239JEARYBetsyRepps Road16d, unm
240JEARYRobertRepps Road14s, unm, ag lab
241JEARYJohnRepps Road12s, unm
242JEARYJamesRepps Road10s, unm
243JEARYElizaRepps Road7d, unm
244JEARYElijahRepps Road4s, unm
245JEARYJaneRepps Road1d, unm
246BARBER JohnRepps Road66hd, mar, farmer 5 acres
247GILLETTWilliamWest End Cottage45hd, unm, farmer+
248BOWER SarahWest End Cottage29serv, unm
249FOSTERAnnWest End Cottage22serv, unm, cook & dairy servant
250EARP HenryClarks Farm Road31hd, mar, wood carver+
251EARP MariaClarks Farm Road25wf, mar
252EARP Thomas GilbertClarks Farm Road1s, unm
253DONELLY James MRepps Road27hd, mar, stone carver
254DONELLY MaryRepps Road30wf, mar, millener
255SMITHElizaBlack Street31hd, wid, tailoress
256SMITHFrederick WilliamBlack Street4s, unm
257HINDRYMartinBlack Street59hd, mar, retired farmer
258HINDRY CharlotteBlack Street65wf, mar
259ROUNCEErnestBlack Street30nephew, unm, house proprietor
260SAUNDERS JamesCess30hd, mar, ag lab
261SAUNDERS PatienceCess41wf, mar
262SAUNDERS JamesCess17s, unm
263SAUNDERSWilliamCess15s, unm
264SAUNDERS SamuelCess13s, unm (Cess)
265SAUNDERSJohnCess11s, unm
266SAUNDERS CarolineCess8d, unm
267SAUNDERSMaryCess6d, unm
268SAUNDERS ElizaCess4d, unm
269DOVE JohnCess57hd, mar, ag lab
270DOVE CharlotteCess53wf, mar
271DOVEAnnCess13d, unm
272FUTTER WilliamCess30hd, mar, ag lab
273FUTTER HarrietCess25wf, mar
274FUTTER RebeccaCess2d, unm
275FUTTERJohnCess53hd, mar, farmer 20 acres
276FUTTER Mary AnnCess53wf, mar
277FUTTER RobertCess22s, unm, famer’s son
278FUTTERElizabethCess18d, unm
279FUTTER RebeccaCess16d, unm
280FUTTER SusanahCess12d, unm, scholar
281RANSOME RobertCess54hd, mar, ag lab
282RANSOMEMaryCess50wf, mar
283RANSOME WilliamCess44brother, unm
284KERRISON WiliamCess46hd, mar, pensioner
285KERRISON EmilyCess44wf, mar
286HIGGINS JamesCess36hd, mar, ag lab
287HIGGINSMatildaCess35wf, mar
288HIGGINSRobertCess10s, unm
289HIGGINS WilliamCess9s, unm
290HIGGINSElizabethCess5d, unm
291PROCTOR ThomasCess67hd, mar, parish clerk
292PROCTOR LydiaCess34wf, mar
293JOHNSON JamesCess8wife’s son, unm
294PROCTOR EllenCess3d, unm
295PROCTOR EdwinCess2s, unm
296STEWARD MariaCess21bdr, unm
297HAYWOODWilliamCess60hd, unm, labourer
298GIBBSGeorgeCess57hd, mar, farmer+
299GIBBS MariaCess60wf, mar
300BYE HenryRectory Road34hd, mar, shepherd
301BYE SophiaRectory Road34wf, mar
302BYE EmmaRectory Road12d, unm
303BYE RuthRectory Road7d, unm
304BYE LouisaRectory Road5d, unm
305BYE HarrietRectory Road4d, unm
306BYE Henry EdwardRectory Road1s, unm
307BECKJohnRectory Road34hd, mar, ag lab
308BECK EmmaRectory Road32wf, mar
309BECKElizaRectory Road12d, unm
310BECKAnn ElizabethRectory Road10d, unm
311BECKCharlotteRectory Road8d, unm
312BECKEmilyRectory Road6d, unm
313BECKAnnaRectory Road3d, unm
314STARKINGSSarahCess54hd, wid, labourer
315STARKINGSAnnaCess21d, unm, labourer
316STARKINGSWilliamCess19s, unm
317STARKINGSMary AnnCess16d, unm
318SMITH WilliamCess9 mthsgs, unm
319SOONS CharlesCess31hd, mar, gardener
320SOONSAnnCess34wf, mar
321SOONS FreddyCess5s, unm
322SOONS GeorgianaCess1d, unm
323VINCENT HarrietCess42hd, wid
324VINCENT ArthurCess21s, unm, ag lab
325VINCENT HarrietCess19d, unm
326GOOSE JohnCess70bdr, wid, ag lab
327BROOM DanielCess Common27hd, mar, ag lab
328BROOM Mary AnnCess Common27wf, mar
329BROOM Louisa Mary AnnCess Common2d, unm
330BROOM HarrietteCess Common16mthsd, unm
331WESTGATE JohnCess Common66hd, mar, ag lab
332WESTGATE SusanCess Common66wf, mar
333WESTGATEEmmaCess Common11gd, unm
334STARKINGSSarahCess Common40hd
335STARKINGSElizabethCess Common13d, unm
336STARKINGSJohnCess Common63fat, wid
337GRIMSON WilliamCess Common42hd, mar, farmer 80 acres+
338GRIMSON Mary AnnCess Common40wf, mar
339GRIMSONHarrietteCess Common9d, unm
340LONGRobertCess Common67hd mar, farmer 10 acres+
341LONG Mary AnnCess Common47wf, mar
342STARKINGSMary AnnCess Common14bdr, unm
343CURTISAlfredCess Common13bdr, unm
344GEORGEWilliamCess61hd, mar, farmer+
345GEORGEMargaretCess67wf, mar
346PAYNE ElizabethCess17serv, unm
347FUTTERStephenCess26hd, mar, ag lab
348FUTTER EmilyCess24wf, mar
349FUTTER GeorgeCess2s, unm
350FUTTER AngelinaCess4 mthsd, unm
351STARKINGSJamesCess32hd, mar, ag lab
352STARKINGSMariaCess32wf, mar
353STARKINGSJamesCess12s, unm
354STARKINGSMaryCess8d, unm
355STARKINGSHarrietteCess4d, unm
356STARKINGSMariaCess2d, unm
357GRIMBLE WilliamCess42hd, mar, farmer
358GRIMBLE HappyCess39wf, mar
359GRIMBLE WilliamCess17s, unm, labourer
360GRIMBLE GeorgeCess14s, unm, labourer
361GRIMBLE SamuelCess12s, unm
362GRIMBLE JoshuaCess10s, unm
363GRIMBLE HannahCess8d, unm, scholar
364GRIMBLE FrederickCess4s, unm
365GRIMBLE JaneCess2d, unm
366GOOSE AbelCess31hd, mar, ag lab
367GOOSE SarahCess30wf, mar
368GOOSE Mary AnnCess10d, unm, scholar
369GOOSE HenryCess2s, unm
370GRAY JamesCess61hd, mar, ag lab
371GRAY AnnCess61wf, mar
372GRAY ElizabethCess22d, unm
373BALDISTON SamuelCess37hd, mar, ag lab
374BALDISTON PriscillaCess39wf, mar
375BALDISTON James GibbsCess16s, unm
376BALDISTON ThirzaCess10d, unm
377BALDISTON SarahCess10d, unm
378BALDISTON BenjaminCess7s, unm
379BALDISTON WilliamCess1s, unm
380DOVE WilliamCess52hd, mar, ag lab
381DOVE JudithCess51wf, mar
382DOVE JamesCess26s, unm, ag lab
383DOVE RobertCess20s, unm, ag lab
384DOVE GeorgeCess18s, unm
385DOVEBenjaminCess16s, unm
386DOVE EleanorCess15d, unm
387DOVE JudithCess11d, unm
388DOVEEmilyCess8d, unm
389DOVE EdwardCess5s, unm
390DOVE GeorgeCess3s, unm
391BUSHELLSamuelCess23bdr, unm
392WATSON WilliamCess40hd, mar, ag lab
393WATSON MargaretCess40wf, mar
394WATSON JudithCess20d, unm
395WATSON RobertCess19s, unm, ag lab
396WATSON RebeccaCess17s, unm
397WATSON JohnCess15s, unm, ag lab
398WATSON MargaretCess13d, unm
399WATSONWilliamCess11s, unm
400WATSONElizaCess8d, unm
401WATSONLewisCess5s, unm
402WATSON GeorgeCess3s, unm
403WATSONAlbertCess11mthss, unm
404WATSONHappyCess7 mthsgd, unm
405SMITH WilliamCess39hd, mar, ag lab
406SMITHElizabethCess26wf, mar
407SMITHWalter WilliamCess2s, unm
408GREY HannahCess70hd, unm
409HAZEL WilliamCess27hd, mar, woodman
410HAZEL May AnnCess26wf, mar
411HAZELGeorgeCess16s, unm
412HAZEL JamesCess4s, unm
413HAZELHannahCess2d, unm
414GUYMER JohnCess60hd mar, ag lab,
415GUYMERHannahCess46wf, mar
416GUYMER GeorgeCess16s, unm
417GUYMER SamuelCess12s, unm
418GOOSE SarahCess28hd, unm
419GOOSE GeorgeCess6s, unm
420LOWNE DavidCesshd, mar, ag lab
421LOWNE ElizabethCess35wf, mar
422LOWNE EmilyCess8d, unm
423LOWNE JohnCess6s, unm
424LOWNEJaneCess4d, unm
425LOWNEWilliam GeorgeCesss, unm
426MYHILL RobertCess23hd, mar, ag lab
427MYHILL JaneCess23wf, mar
428LINFORD PatienceCess42hd, wid
429LINFORD AnnisCess20d, unm
430LINFORD SamuelCess18s, unm
431LINFORD AgnesCess16d, unm
432LINFORD HenriettaCess11d, unm
433LINFORD AmeliaCess8d, unm
434LINFORD AmbroseCess6s, unm
435GRIMMER EdwardCess55hd, mar, ag lab
436GRIMMER SarahCess55wf, mar
437GRIMMER RichardCess21s, unm, ag lab
438GRIMMERMarthaCess17d, unm, work on the land
439GRIMMER ElizabethCess8gd, unm, scholar
440DOVE GeorgeCess54hd, mar, ag lab
441DOVE SarahCess49wf, mar
442BLOGGJamesCess23hd, mar, ag lab
443BLOGG NormaCess23wf, mar
444GOOSEAlfredCess30hd, mar, ag lab
445GOOSEMaryCess33wf, mar
446GOOSEAnn MaryCess10d, unm
447GOOSEMariaCess5d, unm
448GOOSEHenriettaCess3d, unm
449GOOSEEleanorCess2d, unm
450GILBERTRobertCess Common60hd, mar, ag lab
451GILBERTSarahCess Common66wf, mar
452SPARGOJohnCess Common56hd, mar, ag lab
453SPARGOAnnCess Common49wf, mar
454SPARGO Ann ElizabethCess Common13d, unm
455HAYWOOD HenryMustard Hyrn47hd, mar, ag lab
456HAYWOOD SarahMustard Hyrn48wf, mar
457HAYWOOD JaneMustard Hyrn12d, unm
458HAYWOOD ElizabethMustard Hyrn9d, unm
459HARRIS RobertMustard Hyrn60hd, mar, waterman
460HARRIS MaryMustard Hyrn50wf, mar
461HARRIS ElizaMustard Hyrn22d, unm
462HARRISWilliamMustard Hyrn19s, unm, waterman
463HARRIS JohnMustard Hyrn17s, unm, waterman
464HARRISMary AnnMustard Hyrn12d, unm
465HARRIS Elizabeth CarolineMustard Hyrn4gd, unm
466HARRIS James WilliamMustard Hyrn2gs, unm
467HUGGINS RobertMustard Hyrn40hd, mar, ag lab
468HUGGINS HarriettMustard Hyrn30wf, mar
469HUGGINSJamesMustard Hyrn14s, unm
470HUGGINS Mary AnnMustard Hyrn10d, unm
471CONYARD JohnMustard Hyrn55hd, mar, ag lab
472CONYARDAnnMustard Hyrn53wf, mar
473CONYARD MarthaMustard Hyrn29d, unm
474CONYARD GeorgeMustard Hyrn18s, unm
475WATSON GeorgeMustard Hyrn52hd, mar, ag lab
476WATSON JaneMustard Hyrn50wf, mar
477WATSON ElizabethMustard Hyrn23d, unm
478CONYARDJohnMustard Hyrn36hd, mar, ag lab
479CONYARD MaryMustard Hyrn47wf, mar
480CONYARD NancyMustard Hyrn12d, unm
481WATSON JudithMustard Hyrn83hd, wid
482WATSON RobertMustard Hyrn55bdr, mar, ag lab
483WATSON HannahMustard Hyrn58bdr, mar
484WATSON ClementMustard Hyrn55bdr, unm
485LINFORD MariaCess45hd, wid, charwoman
486JOHNSON (aka LINFORD) WilliiamCess18s, unm, labourer
487LINFORD JamesCess16s, unm, labourer
488LINFORD CharlotteCess13d, unm
489LINFORD Mary AnnCess9d, unm
490TAYLOR ElizabethCess61bdr
491ALCOCKJohnThe Green40hd, mar +)
492ALCOCKChristianaThe Green39wf, mar
493ALCOCKJohn GottsThe Green15s, +
494ALCOCKAnn FThe Green12d, scholar
495ALCOCKMarshal WilliamThe Green8s, scholar
496ALCOCKKatherineThe Green5d
497ALCOCKClaraThe Green3d
498ADAMS JamesBlack Street42hd, mar, ag lab
499ADAMS RoseBlack Street40wf
500AMISSRoseannaBlack Street13bdr, scholar
501QUINPeterBlack Street3bdr, scholar
502GALLANT WilliamBlack Street35hd, mar, ag lab
503GALLANT HarrietBlack Street33wf
504GALLANTEthelbertBlack Street3s
505LACEY SusannahBlack Street47hd, wid, +
506LACEY JaneBlack Street15d, +
507LACEY GeorgeBlack Street13s, +
508LACEY ElizabethBlack Street10d, scholar
509WATSONSusanBlack Street85MotL, wid
510KERRISON RobertBlack Street17Nephew, farmer (app)
511MILLERJohnBlack Street64hd, wid, ag lab
512MILLER JohnBlack Street19s, ag lab
513MILLER BenjaminBlack Street17s, ag lab
514MILLER HannahBlack Street20d, no occupation
515SAUNDERS HannahBlack Street53hd, wid, servant +
516SAUNDERS CharlesBlack Street20s, fisherman
517SAUNDERS RebeccaBlack Street15d
518SAUNDERS SusanBlack Street12d, scholar
519WISEMAN SusanBlack Street77hd, wid, servant +
520DAWSON WilliamProvidence Yard, Black Street40hd, mar, ag lab
521DAWSON May AnnProvidence Yard, Black Street29wf
522DAWSON JamesProvidence Yard, Black Street8s
523DAWSON AmeliaProvidence Yard, Black Street6d
524UTTINGWilliamProvidence Yard, Black Street67hd, mar
525UTTINGMaryProvidence Yard, Black Street68wf
526RANDLE JamesProvidence Yard, Black Street18bdr, unm. Ap +
527DEBBAGE ElizabethProvidence Yard, Black Street70hd, wid, family servant
528BARNARD SarahProvidence Yard, Black Street25hd, wid
529BARNARD Robert AProvidence Yard, Black Street4s
530FELMINGHAM JohnProvidence Yard, Black Street22hd, mar bricklayer+
531FELMINGHAM HannahProvidence Yard, Black Street20wf
532WOODS WilliamBlack Street36hd, mar, wheelwright
533WOODS RachelBlack Street26wf
534WOODS NicholasBlack Street53hd, mar, wheelwright
535WOODSMarthaBlack Street42wf
536BLUNDELLRichardBlack Street46bdr, wood carver
537PEARSEGeorgeVicarage, Black Street62hd, mar, vicar of Martham
538PEARSELauraVicarage, Black Street58wf, mar
539PEARSEThomasVicarage, Black Street24s, gent
540PEARSEBlancheVicarage, Black Street21d
541LILLY Mary AnnVicarage, Black Street40serv, unm, housemaid
542GAYTON ElizabethVicarage, Black Street40serv, unm, cook
543SHREEVEJohnVicarage, Black Street15serv, unm, page
544WATSON HannahBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)78hd, wid, no occupation
545WATSONJamesBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)42s, unm, +
546PIGGINHarrietBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)39d, mar, dressmaker
547PIGGINRobert WatsonBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)6gs, unm, scholar
548HOWES GeorgeBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)
26hd, mar, wheelwright+
549HOWES SusannahBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)28wf
550HOWES ElizabethBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)1d
551KERRISON FrankBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)41hd, mar, shoemaker +
552KERRISON JaneBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)41wf
553WATSON RobertBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)25hd, mar, fisherman )
554WATSON HarrietBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)26wf
555WATSON WalterBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)1s
556RUSTDanielBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)40hd, mar, Millwright +
557RUST CharlotteBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)36wf
558RUST Ellen CBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)7d, scholar
559RUST DanielBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)6s
560CRISP AnthonyBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)46hd, mar, +
561CRISP RebeccaBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)37wf
562CRSIP Ellen RBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)8d, scholar
563CRISPHenryBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)4s, scholar
564CRISP ElizaBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)3d
565CRISP AnthonyBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)1s
566LEATHAnnBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)20serv, unm, housemaid
567HODDSMaryBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)18serv, unm, housemaid
568BRADDOCK DanielBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)42hd, mar, farmer +
569BRADDOCK ElizabethBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)40wf
570BRADDOCK Sarah EBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)14d, scholar
571BRADDOCK Emily MBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)12d, scholar
572BRADDOCK Betsy WBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)10d, scholar
573BRADDOCK AliceBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)8d, scholar
574LOWN RichardBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)27hd, mar, carpenters lab
575LOWNMary AnnBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)26wf
576LOWN WilliamBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)7s
577TURNERJeremiahBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)75FatL, ag lab
578NICHOLS ElizabethBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)44hd wid, charwoman
579NICHOLSRobertBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)19s, ag lab
580NICHOLSMary AnnBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)16d, dressmaker
581NICHOLS MarkBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)13s
582NICHOLSGeorgeBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)9s, scholar
583PAYNE RichardBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)59hd, mar, carpenter +
584PAYNE SarahBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)60wf
585THOMPSON William PBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)20hd, mar, blacksmith
586THOMPSON EmmaBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)20wf
587JAY JohnBack Church Lane (Staithe Road)67hd, wid, gardener
588DAWESThomasSomerton Road28hd, mar, baker & shopkeeper
589DAWESPleasanceSomerton Road43wf
590DAWESPleasanceSomerton Road8d
591MACKIE JamesSomerton Road35hd, mar, wood carver +
592MACKIE ElizabethSomerton Road35wf
593UTTING JamesSomerton Road31hd, mar, ag lab
594UTTING ElizabethSomerton Road29wf
595UTTING JamesSomerton Road10s, scholar
596UTTINGDanielSomerton Road6s, scholar
597UTTING May ASomerton Road3d
598HODDS RichardSomerton Road60hd, wid, ag lab
599HODDS Elizabeth WSomerton Road27d, dressmaker
600JAY JohnSomerton Road42hd, mar, ag lab
601JAY CarolineSomerton Road39wf
602JAY ElizaSomerton Road17d, servant out of place
603JAYRobertSomerton Road15s, ag lab
604JAY JohnSomerton Road12s, ag lab
605JAY HarrietSomerton Road9d, scholar
606JAY CarolineSomerton Road6d, scholar
607JAY WilliamSomerton Road3s, scholar
608KNIGHTS JohnSomerton Road24hd, mar, ag lab
609KNIGHTS HannahSomerton Road20wf
610KNIGHTS JohnSomerton Road24s
611PAYNE ThomasSomerton Road28hd. Mar, ag lab
612PAYNEMary AnnSomerton Road26wf
613PAYNE WilliamSomerton Road9 mthss
614NICHOLS JohnSomerton Road50hd, mar, ag lab
615NICHOLS SarahSomerton Road50wf
616NICHOLS JamesSomerton Road17s, fisherman
617NICHOLS JohnSomerton Road15s
618NICHOLS ElizaSomerton Road10d, scholar
619GRAY JonathanSomerton Road56hd, mar, ag lab
620GRAY SusanSomerton Road53wf
621GALLANTJohnSomerton Road45bdr, ag lab
622MOORE LucyBack Lane53hd, wid, housekeeper+
623MOORE EdwardBack Lane19s, carpenter, journeyman
624MOOREBenjaminBack Lane12s, scholar
625WORTLEY WilliamMartham Househd, mar, farmer
626WORTLEY JudithMartham House71wf
627WORTLEY AnneMartham House38d
628FAULKE James CooperMartham House41hd, mar, miller
629FAULKE CatherineMartham House45wf
630FAULKE James CooperMartham House14s
631HODDS MarthaMartham House17serv, housemaid
632HARBORD WilliamMartham House18Apprentice miller
633BECKBenjaminHemsby Road33hd, mar, journeyman miller
634BECK SarahHemsby Road34wf
635BECK GeorgeHemsby Road9s
636BECKAnnHemsby Road3d
637DYBLE HumphreyHemsby Road65Dyball. hd, mar, farmer
638DYBLEChristinaHemsby Road65DYBALL. wf
639DYBLEWilliamHemsby Road22DYBALL. s, farmer’s son
640DYBLE ElizabethHemsby Road12DYBALL. gd, scholar
641FELMINGHAMJohnHemsby Road56hd, mar, bricklayer+
642FELMINGHAMMariaHemsby Road60wf
643FELMINGHAMMariaHemsby Road29d, unm, dress maker
644FELMINGHAMHarrietHemsby Road28d, unm, housemaid
645FELMINGHAMJamesHemsby Road20s unm, bricklayer+
646FELMINGHAMElizabethHemsby Road17d, scholar
647FELMINGHAMElizaHemsby Road3gd,
648FELMINGHAMMaryHemsby Road4 mthsgd
649COOK John DukeHemsby Road10bdr, labourer
650HARMAN JohnHemsby Road37hd, mar, farmer+
651HARMAN ElizabethHemsby Road31wf
652HARMAN EmilyGibbert Hill, Hemsby Road3d
653HARMANJohnGibbert Hill, Hemsby Road3 mthss
654HARMAN HenryGibbert Hill, Hemsby Road62hd, mar, ag lab
655HARMAN SusanGibbert Hill, Hemsby Road63wf
656UTTINGWilliamDairy House (Dairy Barn Farm)43hd, mar, ag alb
657UTTINGMariaDairy House (Dairy Barn Farm)43wf
658UTTINGGeorge WDairy House (Dairy Barn Farm)17s, ag lab
659UTTINGAnnDairy Hall21d, dressmaker
660PALMER EmilyThe Hall, Hall Road57hd, wid, farmer+
661PALMER GeorgeThe Hall, Hall Road22s, unm, famer+
662PALMER MariaThe Hall, Hall Road21d, unm
663PALMER EmilyThe Hall, Hall Road19d, unm
664KERRISON CharlotteThe Hall, Hall Road40sister, unm
665GIBBSMarthaThe Hall, Hall Road23serv, unm, housemaid
666PALMER SarahThe Hall, Hall Road23serv, unm, cook
667DANIELS EdwardThe Hall, Hall Road20serv, unm, groom
668GEDGESamuelHall Lane50hd,mar, cooper+
669GEDGEHannahHall Lane48wf
670GEDGE ElizabethHall Lane20d, unm, servant out of place
671GEDGE GeorgeHall Lane12gs
672FUTTER WilliamBack Lane40hd,mar, ag lab
673FUTTER Mary AnnBack Lane40wf
674BIRDSamuelBack Lane21stepson, unm, ag lab
675FUTTER WilliamBack Lane66hd, mar, farmer+
676FUTTER AnnBack Lane67wf
677FUTTER Ann ElizBack Lane15gd, scholar
678KNIGHTS RichardBack Lane37hd, unm, farmer
679EDWARDS Alfred RBack Lane42hd, mar, +
680EDWARDS CharlotteBack Lane37wf, housekeeper
681EDWARDS Charlotte EBack Lane9d, scholar
682EDWARDSAlfredBack Lane7s, scholar
683EDWARDS EllenBack Lane4d, scholar
684EDWARDS MaryBack Lane2d
685EDWARDS WalterBack Lane1s
686HUBBARDS ElizaBack Lane16serv, housemaid
687BANE EstherMill Lane67hd, wid, farmer+
688BANE HarrietMill Lane36daughter-in-law
689BANE JamesMill Lane14gs, scholar
690BANE ElizaMill Lane12gd, scholar
691BANE GeorgeMill Lane9gs, scholar
692GOULDENWilliamMill Lane17serv, +
693LINFORD ElizaMill Lane14serv, housemaid
694FARRIER EllenIvy cottage35hd, unm, school mistress
695GRAPES SarahIvy cottage13bdr, scholar
696KNIGHT Mary AIvy cottage30serv, unm, housemaid
697DANIELS RobertThe Green44hd, mar, waterman
698DANIELS HarrietThe Green44wf, dressmaker
699WOODGATE EstherThe Green75hd, wid, family charwoman
700GREENACRE RichardThe Green68hd, mar, shoemaker+
701GREENACRE ElizabethThe Green67wf
702GREENACRE EllenThe Green7gd, scholar
703GREENACRE LouisaThe Green10gd, scholar
704GREENACRE SimonThe Green38hd, mar, master shoemaker
705GREENACRE Mary AThe Green36wf
706GREENACRE Frederick GThe Green13s, shopboy
707GREENACRE Arthur JThe Green8s, scholar
708GREENACRE GeorgianaThe Green6d, scholar
709GREENACRE Henry AThe Green4s
710GREENACRE Frances CThe Green2d
711GREENACREGeorgeThe Green30hd, mar, cattle+
712GREENACRE LouisaThe Green28wf, mar
713GREENACRE GeorgeThe Greens
714GREENACRE JaneThe Green5d
715GREENACRE SelinaThe Green3d
716HUGGINS RichardThe Green36hd, mar, +
717HUGGINS SarahThe Green46wf, mar
718HAYWARDRichardThe Green11gs, bricklayers lab
719LEACH StephenThe Green80hd
720LEACHRebeccaThe Green74wf
721LOYNESHannahThe Green20serv, housemaid
722PARKIN RobertThe Green59hd, mar master+
723PARKIN Mary AnneThe Green55wf, mar, +
724SMITH ElizabethThe Green21serv, housemaid
725GRIMMERHannahThe Green67mar, postman’s wife,
726BOOTY WilliamThe Green55hd, mar, ag lab+
727BOOTY RosetaThe Green50wf, mar
728BOOTY HarrietThe Green22d, +
729SHIPHANDHenryThe Green25bdr, +merchant
730GARNHAMRobertThe Green70hd, wid, +
731WRIGHT EleanorThe Green17serv, housemaid
732BRADDOCK JamesThe Green52hd, mar, thatcher+
733BRADDOCK SarahThe Green44wf, mar
734BRADDOCK AlfredThe Green15s, ap+
735BRADDOCK AndrewThe Green14s, +
736BRADDOCK EdwinThe Green2s
737BEATON MaryThe Green48hd, dressmaker
738BEATON EllenThe Green20d, dressmaker
739WARD RobertThe Green73hd, blacksmith+
740MEADOWSSamuelThe Green50nephew, carrier
741TURNERGeorgeThe Green41hd, mar, ag lab
742TURNER ElizabethThe Green41wf, mar
743TURNER George JThe Green17s, ag lab
744TURNER RachelThe Green15d
745TURNER WilliamThe Green13s
746TURNEREmmaThe Green11d
747TURNERJamesThe Green9s
748TURNERMaryThe Green4d
749JEARY JohnThe Green69hd, mar, +
750JEARYMary AnnThe Green58wf, mar
751JEARY ElizabethThe Green22d, unm, +
752JEARY GeorgianaThe Green6gd, scholar
753MANSHIP DanielThe Green39hd, mar, farmer+
754MANSHIP SelinaThe Green25wf, mar
755MANSHIP John DThe Green3s
756MANSHIP AndrewThe Green5 mthss
757HAYWOOD Mary AnnThe Green22serv, unm, housemaid
758DOVEAnna MarieThe Green14serv, housemaid
759COPPIN Charles JThe Green27hd, mar, famer+
760COPPINMary AThe Green27wf, mar
761COPPIN Robert JThe Green4s
762COPPIN Sarah AThe Green2d
763PARKIN RobertThe Green89gt uncle, retired farmer
764GEDGE JohnThe Green58hd, mar, farmer+
765GEDGE CarolineThe Green50wf, mar
766GEDGE JohnThe Green16s, butcher
767GEDGE JonathonThe Green11s, scholar
768GEDGEEdmundThe Green9s, scholar
769HARRISEdmundThe Green74FatL, wid
770PURDY CharlesThe Green48hd, mar, +
771PURDY ElizabethThe Green34wf, mar
772GARNHAMMarthaThe Green65MotL, wid
773BROWN ElizaThe Green19serv, unm, housemaid
774WARNES JoshuaThe Green43hd, mar, farm bailiff,
775WARNES EstherThe Green40wf, mar
776COTTRALL SusannahThe Green15niece
777ROGERSRichardThe Green32hd, mar, licensed victualler
778ROGERSAgnesThe Green25wf, mar
779ROGERSThomasThe Green12s
780ROGERSWilliamThe Green11s
781ROGERSWilliamThe Green76fat, wid, wheelwrigth
782FAIRHEADElizabeth CharlotteThe Green22serv & waitress
783EARLES JohnThe Green18serv, +
784RANDLE WlliamThe Green50bdr, blacksmith+
785YOUNGS RobertThe Green30hd, mar, ag lab
786YOUNGS HannahThe Green28wf, mar
787YOUNGSRobertThe Green4s
788YOUNGS JamesThe Green2s
789POLLARD JohnThe Green58hd mar, gentleman retired
790POLLARD ElizabethThe Green62wf, mar
791PAYNEMaryThe Green17serv, housemaid
792SMITH GeorgeThe Green40hd, mar, tailor+
793SMITH HannahThe Green37wf, mar
794SMITH SarahThe Green9d, scholar
795HOOKE HenryThe Green22bdr, tailor
796LACKWilliamNorwich House34hd, mar, draper
797LACKEmmaNorwich House28wf, mar, draper
798RICHESWilliamNorwich House18assistant, draper
799PAGEMary AnnNorwich House17serv, servant of all work
800SKOYLESSamuelRoyal Oak PH46hd, mar, carpenter+
801SKOYLESAnnRoyal Oak PH47wf, mar
802SKOYLES EmilyRoyal Oak PH19d
803SKOYLES JohnRoyal Oak PH17s, carpenter
804SKOYLES RobertRoyal Oak PH15s
805SKOYLES JudithRoyal Oak PH9d, scholar
806WARNES JohnRoyal Oak PH62bdr, gardener+
807HUNTJohn LThe Green48hd, mar school master
808HUNTFrances G The Green38wf, mar
809HUNTJohn LThe Green7s
810HUNTGeorge JThe Green3s
811HUNTAliceThe Green1 mthd
812HUNTLouisaThe Green33cousin
813GREENACRE WilliamThe Green47hd, mar, carpenter
814GREENACRE Mary AThe Green39wf, mar
815SMITH CharlotteThe Green15step d,
816SMITH FrederickThe Green10step s, scholar
817SMITH William RThe Green6step s, scholar
818GREENACRE AdelaideThe Green2d
819GREENACRE AlfredThe Green1s
820YOUNGSMaryThe Green55hd, wid, laundress
821BUSHELL ThomasThe Green66hd, mar, retired+
822BUSHELL HannahThe Green67wf, mar
823LINFORD ElizbethEdwards Yard, Back Lane78hd, wid, dairy maid+
824LINFORD RhodaEdwards Yard, Back Lane30
825KERRISONRichardEdwards Yard, Back Lane51
826KERRISONElizaEdwards Yard, Back Lane51wife of Richard
827KERRISONWilliamEdwards Yard, Back Lane15Son
828KERRISONEmilyEdwards Yard, Back Lane10daughter
829LINFORDMaryBack Lane60
830TRAFFORDCharles P TBack Lane44bdr, wid, journeyman tailor
831SEAMANWilliamBack Lane18bdr, journeyman
832DYBLE ThomasBack Lane35hd, mar, ag lab
833DYBLE SarahBack Lane31wf, mar
834DYBLE JohnBack Lane10s, ag lab
835DYBLE LaurenceBack Lane7s, scholar
836DYBLE SamuelBack Lane4s, scholar
837DYBLE SarahBack Lane2
838HUBBARD JohnBack Lane45hd, mar, ag lab
839HUBBARD LucyBack Lane48wf, mar
840HUBBARDGeorgeBack Lane13s, scholar
841HUBBARDSarahBack Lane17d, servant out of place
842HUBBARD MariaBack Lane10d, scholar
843COOK JuliaBack Lane50vis, journeyman+
844KNIGHTS JohnBack Lane56hd, mar, ag lab
845KNIGHTS SarahBack Lane56wf, mar
846KNIGHTS CharlotteThe Green28MotL, wid
847KNIGHTSWilliamBack Lane13s, tailors app
848KNIGHTS RichardBack Lane6gs, scholar
849STARKING WilliamBack Lane34hd, mar, ag lab
850STARKING HannahBack Lane30wf, mar
851STARKING WilliamBack Lane9s, ag lab
852STARKING WalterBack Lane7s
853STARKING JohnBack Lane5s
854STARKING Mary AnnBack Lane2d
855BRADDOCK WilliamBack Lane83hd, wid, retired famer
856JEARY JohnBack Lane38hd, mar, butcher journeyman
857JEARY SusanBack Lane35wf, mar
858JEARY AmeliaBack Lane11d, scholar
859JEARY FannyBack Lane8d, scholar
860JEARY ClaraBack Lane4d
861JEARY GeorgeBack Lane1s
862BRADDOCK EllenBack Lane12neice, scholar
863HUGGINS WilliamBack Lane45hd, unm, carpenter+
864KNIGHTS CatherineBack Lane64mot, wid, housekeeper
865HUGGINS GeorgeBack Lane9nephew, scholar
866KERRISON GeorgeRusts Yard54hd, mar, master gardener
867KERRISONMary AnnRusts Yard58wf, mar
868KERRISON Mary AnnRusts Yard28d, unm, dresmaker
869KERRSIONAnnaRusts Yard4gd
870FLOWERDEW LouisaRusts Yard19vis, unm, general servant
871SYMONDS EdwardRusts Yard63hd, mar, ag lab
872SYMONDS FrancesRusts Yard63wf, mar
873SYMONDS JamesRusts Yard24s, unm, ag lab
874KERRISON HenryRusts Yard50hd, mar, ag lab
875KERRISON ElizabethRusts Yard35wf, mar
876KERRISON Anne ERusts Yard4 mthsd
877WRIGHT JamesWhite Street50hd, mar, bricklayer+
878WRIGHT RachelWhite Street52wf, mar
879THOMPSON ThomasWhite Street56hd, mar, ag lab
880THOMPSON SusanWhite Street43wf, mar
881THOMPSON ElizabethWhite Street19d, unm, +
882THOMPSON AnnaWhite Street16d, scholar
883DYBLEThomasLinfords Yard, White Street29hd, mar, ag lab
884DYBLE MariaLinfords Yard, White Street25wf, mar
885DYBLE Charles WLinfords Yard, White Street2s
886DYBLE George HLinfords Yard, White Streets
887KERRISON JamesLinfords Yard, White Street43hd, wid, ag lab
888KERRISON Rhoda ELinfords Yard, White Street11d, scholar
889KERRISON Mary ALinfords Yard, White Street9d, scholar
890KERRISON GeorgeLinfords Yard, White Street6s, scholar
891KERRISON CarolineLinfords Yard, White Street4d, scholar
892DEBBAGE WilliamLinfords Yard, White Street27hd, mar, journeyman miller+
893DEBBAGE ElizabethLinfords Yard, White Street25wf, mar
894DEBBAGE WilliamLinfords Yard, White Street4s, scholar
895DEBBAGE GeorgeLinfords Yard, White Street2s
896DEBBAGECharles HLinfords Yard, White Street1s
897LINFORD WilliamWhite Street47hd, mar, +
898LINFORD MarianneWhite Street37wf, mar
899LINFORDJohnWhite Street15s, app+
900LINFORD MarthaWhite Street80mot, wid, +
901HADDEN HonerWhite Street15bdr, app+
902GOWEN AmeliaWhite Street19serv, unm, housemaid
903PURDY Benjamin RisingWhite Street (Emlside?)44hd, mar, +
904PURDY BetsyWhite Street25wf, mar, +
905PURDY HoraceWhite Street9 mthss
906PURDY Mary AnneWhite Street14neice, assistant dressmaker
907RISINGThomasWhite Street35bdr, unm, +
908PAYNE MariaWhite Street15serv, housemaid
909BRADDOCK GeorgeWhite Street53hd, mar, watch+
910BRADDOCK ElizabethWhite Street50wf, mar
911DALLISTON ElizabethWhite Street62hd, mar, +
912RISINGBenjamin WilliamWhite Street39hd, mar, farmer
913RISING HenriettaWhite Street33wf, mar
914PAUL ElizabethWhite Street22d, unm, housemaid
915HOWEGeorgeWhite Street42hd, mar, engineers fitter
916HOWE JohannaWhite Street39wf, mar
917OSBORNWalterWhite Street8cousin, scholar
918BARBER GeorgeWhite Street70hd, wid., retired farmer
919HADDEN HoraceWhite Street38hd, mar, farmer
920HADDEN Mary AnnWhite Street35wf, mar
921HADDEN JohnWhite Street7s, scholar
922?Sarah WWhite Street27vis, bricklayers wife
923?ThomasWhite Street1vis
924?GertrudeWhite Street4vis
925?EllenWhite Street2vis
926JOHNSON WilliamWhite Street39hd, mar, farmer
927JAY MaryWhite Street48wid, +
928JOHNSON HarrietWhite Street41sister, +
929JAY JohnsonWhite Street13nephew, ag lab
930JAYKateWhite Street12neice, scholar
931CRANESophiaWhite Street70hd, wid, no occupation
932SAUNDERS RobertWhite Street46hd, mar, ag lab
933SAUNDERSMaryWhite Street44wf, mar
934SAUNDERS WilliamWhite Street18s,
935SAUNDERS EmilyWhite Street10d, scholar
936AMISRobertWhite Street48hd, mar, ag lab & fisherman
937AMISSusanWhite Street47wf, mar
938AMISJohnWhite Street21s, ag lab & fisherman
939AMISJamesWhite Streets, ag lab & fisherman
940AMISElizabethWhite Street16d
941AMISSarahWhite Street7d, scholar
942AMISMaryWhite Street5d, scholar
943AMISHannahWhite Street2d
944LOWNSusannahBell Yard, White Street64hd, wid, housekeeper
945LOWN DavidBell Yard, White Street30s, unm, carpenter journeyman
946LOWN HannahBell Yard, White Street23d, unm, servant out of place
947HODDS MariaBell Yard, White Street53hd, wid, charwoman
948HODDS RichardBell Yard, White Street24s, unm, ag lab
949HODDS CharlesBell Yard, White Street14s, ag lab
950HODDS ElizaBell Yard, White Street12d, scholar
951HODDS JaneBell Yard, White Street10d, scholar
952HODDS BenjaminWhite Street35hd, mar, ag lab
953HODDS ElizabethWhite Street35wf, mar
954HODDS WilliamWhite Street12s, ag lab
955HODDS MarthaWhite Street7d, scholar
956HODDS BenjaminWhite Street4s
957HODDSAlfredWhite Street2s
958HODDSFrederickWhite Street1mths
959SQUIRESJamesWhite Street44hd, mar, ag lab
960SQUIRESMariaWhite Street42wf, mar
961SQUIRESWilliamWhite Street19s, ag lab
962SQUIRESMariaWhite Street15d, general servant
963SQUIRESJamesWhite Street11s, ag lab
964SQUIRES Mary AnnWhite Street9d, scholar
965LOWNWilliamWhite Street33hd, mar, ag lab
966LOWNSarah AWhite Street28wf, mar
967LOWNEmily AWhite Street9d, scholar
968LOWNWalterWhite Street7s, scholar
969NICHOLSRobertWhite Street28hd, mar, shoemaker+
970NICHOLSAnnWhite Street34wf, mar, +
971GREENEdwardWhite Street52hd, mar, ag lab
972GREENElizabethWhite Street54wf, mar (White St)
973GREENAnnWhite Street13d, scholar
974MOORERobertWhite Street26bdr, mar, j/man basket maker
975DerryJohnWhite Street36hd, mar, thatcher+
976DerrySusannahWhite Street42wf, mar
977MayesWilliamWhite Street25bdr, carpenter
978LINNETTHenryWhite Street29bdr, woodcarver journeyman
979BELSONRobertMoregrove, Damgate33hd, mar, farmer+
980BELSONMary AMoregrove, Damgate33wf, mar
981BELSONRichard DMoregrove, Damgate11s
982BELSONGeorge WMoregrove, Damgate3s
983BELSONFrederickMoregrove, Damgate1s
984TUBBYHarrietMoregrove, Damgate68wid, +
985PALMERMaryMoregrove, Damgate17serv, dairy+
986PALMERAnn ElizabethMoregrove, Damgate17serv, housemaid
987BRUNSONAnnDamgate62hd, wid prop of +
989BRUNSONGeorgeDamgate27hd, mar, ag lab
990BRUNSONElizabethDamgate21wf, mar
992JOHNSONJamesDamgate35hd, mar, shoemaker (master)
993JOHNSONMaryDamgate36wf, mar
996JOHNSONGeoge WDamgate11s
998JOHNSONAlice ADamgate1d
999LONGAnn MariaDamgate30hd, wid, laudress
1000LONGWilliam LaceyDamgate8s
1003GRIMSONWilliamDamgate72hd, mar farmer+
1004GRIMSONAnneDamgate60wf, mar
1006GRIMMERJamesDamgate35hd, mar, fisherman
1007GRIMMERLydiaDamgate34wf, mar
1008KERRISONAnn MDamgate10step d, scholar
1009GRIMMERAnn EDamgate6d, scholar
1010GRIMMERUriahDamgate4d, scholar
1013BROWNJamesDamgate43hd, mar, ag lab
1014BROWNElizabethDamgate43wf, mar
1015BROWNBenjaminDamgate17s, fisherman
1020BROWNMary ADamgate12d
1022FUTTERMaryDamgate Road60hd, wid, +
1023FUTTERJamesDamgate Road20s, unm, carpenter
1024FUTTERWilliamDamgate Road16s
1025SMITHSamuelDamgate Road56hd, mar, shoemaker
1026SMITHEllizabethDamgate Road10d,
1027SMITHJamesDamgate Road8s,
1028SMITHWilliamDamgate Road6s,
1029JONESSamuelDamgate Road41hd, mar, shoemaker
1030JONESMaryDamgate Road42wf, mar
1031JONESAnnDamgate Road14d
1032JONESWilliamDamgate Road12s
1033JONESJohnDamgate Road8s
1034JONESFrederickDamgate Road5s
1035NICHOLLCharlotteDamgate Road52hd, wid, family servant
1036NICHOLLCharlesDamgate Road12s, ag lab
1037NICHOLLSamuelDamgate Road9s
1038NICHOLLWilliamDamgate Road6s
1039ENGLANDHenryDamgate Road65hd, mar, farmer+
1040ENGLANDAnn PDamgate Road63wf, mar
1041ENGLANDCharlesDamgate Road24s, mar
1042ENGLANDMary ADamgate Road4gd
1043BRUNSONBenjaminDamgate Back Road35hd, mar, ag lab
1044BRUNSONMary ADamgate Back Road36wf, mar
1045BRUNSONHumphreyDamgate Back Road8s, scholar
1046BRUNSONCharles DDamgate Back Road6s, scholar
1047BRUNSONAlfredDamgate Back Road4s, scholar
1048BRUNSONMaryDamgate Back Road10d, scholar
1049WARDJamesDamgate Road27hd, mar, ag lab
1050WARDSarahDamgate Road24wf, mar
1051WARDRebeccaDamgate Road8d, scholar
1052WARDWilliamDamgate Road4s, scholar
1053WARDSusanDamgate Road3d
1054WARDCharlesDamgate Road1s
1055MYHILLBenjaminDamgate Road54hd, mar, ag lab
1056MYHILLHannahDamgate Road55wf, mar
1057MYHILLJamesDamgate Road9s
1058WATSONJohnDamgate Road44hd, mar, ag lab
1059WATSONSarah ADamgate Road46wf, mar
1060WATSONAnnaDamgate Road22d, unm, house servant+
1061WATSONAmeliaDamgate Road14d, house servant+
1062WATSONJamesDamgate Road16s, glazier ap
1063WATSONJohnDamgate Road11s
1064WHITERichardDamgate Road26hd, unm, Curate of Martham
1065POWLEYAmeliaDamgate Road39serv, unm, housekeeper
1066FUTTERHenryDamgate Road15serv, groom
1067HILLCharlesDamgate Road42hd, mar, ag lab
1068HILLSusanDamgate Road41wf, mar
1069HILLSarah ADamgate Road13d
1070HODDSBenjaminDamgate Road88fatl, wid, formerly ag lab
1071GUYMERThomasDamgate Road28hd, mar, ag lab
1072GUYMERSarahDamgate Road27wf, mar
1073PUNTBenjaminDamgate Road13nephew
1074SAUNDERSWilliamDamgate Road81hd, wid, ag lab
1075HODDSCharlesDamgate Road46hd, mar, ag lab
1076HODDSElizabethDamgate Road54wf, mar
1077HODDSWilliamDamgate Road28s, unm, ag lab
1078HODDSHenryDamgate Road19s, unm, ag lab
1079HODDSMarthaDamgate Road17d
1080HODDSHarrietDamgate Road13d
1081HODDSCharlotteDamgate Road10d
1082LITTLEBOYRobertDamgate Road83hd, unm, husbandman+
1083STEWARDMatildaDamgate Road65serv, wid, housekeeper
1084FUTTERJamesDamgate Road42hd, mar, boatman
1085FUTTERElizabethDamgate Road42wf, mar
1086FUTTERHenryDamgate Road18s, boatman
1087FUTTERElizabethDamgate Road14d, teacher at Sunday school
1088FUTTERBenjaminDamgate Road10s, scholar
1089FUTTERJohnDamgate Road8s, scholar
1090FUTTERPaulDamgate Road4s, scholar
1091GREENSarahDamgate Road77bdr, wid, housekeper+
1092LINFORDFrancisMartham House, White Street44hd, ag lab.

Original data: Crown copyright images reproduced by courtesy of TNA, London England. 1939 Register (Series RG101), and/or  public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0. The National Archives, Kew, London, England. The National Archives give no warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or fitness for the purpose of the information provided. Images may be used only for purposes of research, private study or education.

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