Bane Family of Martham

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This branch of the Bane family touched the everyday lives of many people throughout Martham from about 1780 to 1940. They were millers, grocers and haberdashers. On other pages of this website you can read about three key figures in the family who were James Bane 1768-1834, James Bane 1793-1861 and James William Bane 1869-1936. The following is additional information about them and their family.

James Bane (1768-1834) is listed as being a Constable in the Churchwardens’ meeting of 25th March 1799 and as an Overseer for two years at a time at the meetings in 1802, 1808, 1814, 1818, and 1821.  He also attended most of the meetings between 1798 and 1833. He married Esther England (1761-1834). Their daughter was Elizabeth Bane (1795-1837).

The sarcophagus of James Bane (d1834), his wife Elizabeth (d1834) and their daughter Elizabeth (d1837). At St Edmund Church, Acle.

Elizabeth Bane (1795-1837)daughter of James and Esther Bane, nee England. She made a Will dated 8th August 1835 which came into effect when she died in January 1837 whilst living at Great Yarmouth. She was buried at Acle with her parents in accordance with instructions in her will.  She never married and so her estate was split between several cousins. The executors were her cousins James Bane 1793-1861, James Frigg and Thomas High.  She left all her property and land to James Bane (1793-1861).  She gave Martham windmill to her cousin Frederick Bane (1804-1890).  Land at West Somerton was given to James Frigg, another cousin. Land at Acle (called Mitchells, was left to her by George England her uncle, was given to her cousin Robert England (son of Robert).   Nineteen guineas were given to: Mary Ann Porter (cousin), George Bane, William Bane, Robert Bane, and John Bane.  Her clothes were given to her cousin Mary Bailey (wife of William Bailey).  Household furniture etc. went to James Frigg.

James Bane (1793-1861) was the son of John Bane (1766-1808) and Lucy Morris (1765-1839). He married Esther Martin 1792-1870 at Acle. He was listed in the Churchwardens’ Minutes for Martham, from 1845. He attended the Churchwardens’ meetings in 1846 and 1847. He was executor to his cousin Elizabeth Bane’s will dated 8.8.1835. He left a will that was proved on 1st March 1861, leaving all his effects to his wife Esther. After he died there is a note in Martham Parish Vestry minutes dated 21.3.1862; “Ordered that the Surveyor pay to executors of the late James Bane 6s 9d for field and the use.”

James Bane (1822-1883) was the son of James Bane 1793-1861 and married first,  Mary Abigail Land on 27th March 1862 at Hockham (Breckland) and she died in 1869. His second marriage was to, Eliza Rising on 4th Aug 1870 at St. Nicholas, Great Yarmouth. They had a daughter; Eliza Harriet Catherine Harvey Rising who was born on 6th July 1871 and was baptised on 14th September 1871 at St Mary the Virgin, Martham. He was recorded as being a farmer in the 1864 White’s Commercial Directory and a landowner and seed merchant in the 1868 Harrod & Co. Commercial Directory on both occasions living at the Green, Martham.
There is also an Enfranchisement Award to him dated 10th December 1862.  He was mentioned in an indenture dated 23rd February 1865 between Thomas Frazer Grove of Wiltshire (Lord of the Manor of Martham) and William Rising of Martham and Benjamin Rising of Staffordshire.  It describes that the property in question was a cottage and garden containing 28 perches situated near Martham Green between the properties of John Pollard and James Bane, marked no. 680 in the Tithe map.  Also, a piece of land containing 3 acres abutting on the Market Road; east – upon lands of James Bane; north – west; upon lands of John Pollard, no. 218 in the Tithe map.
From 21.3.1862 to 19.3.1874 he was an Overseer for Martham.

Catherine Harvey Bane 1825-1912 was the daughter of James Bane 1793-1861 and Esther Martin 1792-1870. Catherine married James Cooper Faulke (1819-1883). Their  children were; James Cooper born 2.3.1857, baptised 17.8.1865; William Cooper born 24.6.1860, baptised 27.6.1860; Kate Elizabeth born 15.12.1863, baptised 21.12.1863; Alice Lucy Esther born 11.4.1865, baptised 17.8.1865, at the same time as her cousin George Morris Bane; Mary Abagail Cooper born 9.5.1867, baptised 14.9.1871, at the same time as her cousin Eliza Catherine Bane.
1883 White’s Commercial Directory listed James and Catherine as living at the Manor House, Martham. 
James was owner of Martham mill from 1850 until 1883.  His son took over in 1883 until 1888.
James was listed in the Churchwardens’ Minutes for Martham from 1847 to 1868.  He was an Overseer for Martham from 28.3.1856 to 25.3.1881. He was listed in Martham Parish Vestry Minutes. He was a Trustee of the Bowman, Amies and Creasy Charities of Martham. 
Probate- James Cooper Faulke – 21.5.1883 – The will of J C Faulke, late of Martham, miller and farmer who died 19.3.1883 at Martham was proved at Norwich by Catherine Harvey Faulke of Martham, widow, the relict one of the executors.

Esther Sabina Bane (1827-1883) was the daughter of James Bane (1793-1861) and Esther Martin (1792-1870). She married James William Parker on 1st September 1857 at St Mary the Virgin, Martham. There had two children:
Esther Carrie Sabina Parker, born 1868 at Pentonville, Middlesex.  Died 1950 in Rhodesia.
James Frederick Lyte Parker, born and died in 1872 at Islington, London.
James Snr. served 18 months for fraud in Holloway.
Esther and her husband were admitted to the workhouse in the middle 1880s. Esther for just 3 months. Esther died at Martham in 1883. James Snr. died in Newington Workhouse on 7th February 1890.

John Bane (1829-1853) was the son of James Bane (1793-1861) and Esther Martin (1792-1870).  He died on 22nd December 1853 at Castlemaine, Australia. He was a gold digger.

William Bane (1830-1831) was the son of James Bane (1793-1861) and Esther Martin (1792-1870). He died on 5th December 1831 aged 15 months and was buried in Erpingham churchyard.

Robert Bane (1831-1833) was the son of James Bane (1793-1861) and Esther Martin (1792-1870). He died on 17th November 1833 aged 18 months and was buried in Erpingham churchyard.

James William Bane (1869-1936) was the son of James Bane (b1846) and Amelia Lamb. He was born in 1869 and was baptised on 7th December 1869 privately at the Methodist Church at Hales. His known siblings were; Edith, Albert, George, Arthur, Harry, Alice and Ellen. He married Kate Ann Pettit on 4th November 1894 at North Creake. 
He was a Churchwarden for 6 years from 1904-1910. 
He died on 7th June 1936 aged 66 and is buried in West Somerton churchyard. 
His Probate said he was living at The Rectory House, West Somerton at his death. His Executors were Kate, his widow and William Ewart Rigg; Chartered Accountant.  His effects were valued at £4,462 6s 5d.

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