Martham Pits Skeleton Wind Pump

Temporary skeleton wind pump used to drain clay extraction workings.

Almost nothing is known about this wind pump. The above is the only rare photograph to prove it ever existed. Trestle Mills or Skeleton mills as they are often described, were less expensive than wooden smock or brick-built tower windmills and carried out simpler pumping operations. As a result of their mainly timber construction very few have survived the ravages of weather and time.

Red dot shows position of pump

This one would have been situated as shown on this map just a short distance east of Martham Boat Dyke Staithe and was probably used for only a short period during the clay extraction for brickmaking at the adjacent works. The brickworks were owned by Wm. Bracey & Son whose main production of bricks was roughly from 1887 to 1925. It is possible that the wind pump was built by the well know local millwright Daniel England of Ludham.

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