Footpaths 5 & 6

Footpaths No5 & 6 run from the top of Ferrygate through Thunder Hill Farm to Cess Road. No5 is a short alternative dogleg off No6 at Mustard Hyrn.

No5 runs from OS map ref: TG444186 to TG442187 for 291 yards (286 metres)

No6 runs from OS map ref: TG452185 to TG441185 for 1190 yards (1088 metres)

Surface: At the Ferrygate Lane end No6 is a potted concrete road all the way to Thunder Hill Farm. After the farm, the path crosses an open cropped field and finally follows hedges around smallholdings.

Description: Wonderful views north across Broadland from a handy bench before reaching Thunder Hill.

Linked Footpaths: Directly links to footpath No17 (Sandy Lane) with which it shares the same starting point. The two paths are part of the interconnected group of footpath numbers 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 17 & 18 that are the remains of medieval paths running from the Church Manor (Moregrove) to the 13th century hamlet of Cess and provided access to the west field system.

Footpath No5, a short alternative shown in red.
Footpath No6 shown in red.

Start: Park at the top of Ferrygate Lane in the car park by the riding school. The right of way is actually the potted concrete road serving Thunder Hill Farm. The road follows a ridge providing fine views north over the Thune Valley, Potter Heigham with the blue painted buildings of Herbert Woods boatyard. In the distance is Hickling Broad and on a clear day you can even see Happisburgh lighthouse on the horizon.

Start of footpath No6. Rough concrete road to Thunder Hill.

The path runs straight through the middle of the farmyard. At the end of the buildings the path descends across an open field where it is often ploughed out and is not all that apparent. If in doubt simply head straight across, aiming for the corner of the nearest hedges. Having reached the hedge which is at the rear of ‘Hyrndale’ path No6 runs straight on ending at a stile at Cess Road. Alternatively turn right at the hedge and follow the way markers for footpath No5 that circuit Mustard Hyrn Farm back into Cess Road.

Footpath No6. Looking north over Broadland from Thunder Hill

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