Blanche Elizabeth Garman


Blanche is listed on the War Memorial as one of those who died during the First World War.

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Blanche was born on 25th March 1898 in Holt. Her parents were William John Hubbard Garman & Elizabeth, nee Culyer. Her brother Harry was killed in Flanders in 1915 and is also commemorated on Martham War Memorial.

Her father was a plate layer and gatehouse keeper on the railway and when she was a youngster she lived with her family at Gatehouse No42 which was at the junction of what is now Repps Road and Cess Road. She attended Martham School from 8th July 1901 until 3rd May 1912 and left when she was 14 according to the school log.

Blanche suffered from chlorosis, which is a severe form of anaemia which turns the complexion green and can weaken the heart. Whilst working as a tractor driver in the Land Army her tractor caught fire which resulted in her having a fatal heart attack and she died on 30th June 1919 when she was 21. As a member of the Land Army who lost her life as a direct result of her contribution to the war effort, she was entitled to be listed on the War Memorial. She was buried in the graveyard at St Mary’s at section H, plot E14.

Blanche’s gravestone. Section H, plot E14
War Memorial south side view

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