Charles John Watson

Charles is listed on the War Memorial as one of those who gave his life during the First World War.

Charles was born in 1892. His mother was Charlotte Watson, nee Hodds. She had married John Watson in 1876 but John died in 1887. There was a big difference in their ages, John was about 58 when they married whist Charlotte was about 25 and consequently she was a widow for many years after his death and never re-married. Charles had five siblings namely: Margaret (b1872); John (b1877); Mildred (b1887); Honora (b1890) and George (b1895).

Charles was in the 1901 census living with his widowed mother at Clarkes Farm Road (now Ferrygate) when he was 8.   He was also recorded in the 1911 census again living with his mother but this time near Porters Pit, Staithe Road (although this could have been the same place) and he was farm labourer

His military serial number in 1916 was Private 20804 of the 1st Battalion Essex Regiment. He was killed in action at Flanders, France on 1st June 1916 and was buried in Knightsbridge Cemetery, Mesnil-Martinsart, Somme, France. He was 24.

Charles had a brother called George Byron Watson who was born in 1895. He served in the army throughout WW1 as a drive and gunner seeing action in Alexandria, France and Salonica. He survived but ironically has no known grave and is not mentioned on Martham War Memorial.

Knightsbridge Cemetery, Mesnil-Martinsart, Somme, France.
War Memorial north side

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