George Rising (1779-1859)

Plus his wife Mary Beart (1783-1852)

West Somerton Hall

George Rising was born in 1779 at West Somerton and baptised at St Mary the Virgin, West Somerton on 20th October 1779 as the eleventh child of Robert Rising & Ann Manship. He had thirteen siblings, namely: Robert, William, Stephen, Tilney, Mary, Edward, Thomas, Benjamin, John, Anne, Charles, Rebecca, and Frances.

Not much is known about his early life but like his brothers he may have been sent away for schooling. When he was 29, he married Mary Beart on 14th January 1808 at Hemsby. According to the 1851 census she was born in Gorleston in about 1783. Here is a copy of their marriage record.

1.11 George and Mary  had the following children:

1.11.1 Mary Rising is thought to have been born on 14th January 1809 at Hemsby but nothing more is known about her.

1.11.2 Ann Rising was born on 29th January 1810 at Hemsby. She married Henry Danby Palmer on 27th October 1842 at Caister-on-Sea. Henry was born in 1815 at Great Yarmouth and was the son of George Danby Palmer & Maria Cross. Henry died in 1871 and Ann in 1880 both in Great Yarmouth. 

1.11.3 George Rising was born and baptised in 1812 at Caister-on-Sea but nothing more is known about him.

1.11.4 Sarah Louisa Rising was born in about 1816 at Caister-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth and was recorded as living at Sutfield House, Martham in 1901. She died in 1904.

1.11.5 Helen Maria Rising was born and was baptised in 1818 at Caister-on-Sea and was still there in the 1841 census but died in 1850.

1.11.6 Bright Rising was born in 1822 at Caister-on-Sea and in 1851 was living at Southtown, Great Yarmouth but nothing more is known about him.

1.11.7 Benjamin William Rising was born on 13th October 1821 at Caister-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth. He married Harriot Gillett, the daughter of Richard & Mary Gillett in 1860. They had five children and you can read more about them by clicking HERE. Harriot was born on 29th May 1827 at Halvergate, Norfolk and died on 27th July 1913 at Martham, aged 86. Benjamin died on 20th March 1897, aged 75.

In 1841 George & Mary were living “On the Hill”, at West Caister-on-Sea where George had carried on in the family footsteps and was a farmer. Three of their daughters; Ann, Sarah and Helen were also there.

By the time of the April 1851 census George had retired from farming and the couple were living at High Road, Southtown, Great Yarmouth with their daughter Sarah and son Bright.

Mary died on 26th March 1852 and George in April 1859; they were both buried in Great Yarmouth.

Burial record of George Rising 25th April 1859
George Rising 1779-1859 ancestors chart

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