Henry Futter (1861-1938)

Henry was born on 1st December 1861 in Martham. He was illegitimate and his mother was Elizabeth Futter. Only a few weeks after his birth Elizabeth married Edward Moore on 29th December 1861. Elizabeth was quite clever because she did not register the birth of Henry until January 1862, after she had married, and as a result was able to register him as Henry Moore and gave her maiden name was Futter which was technically correct in January 1862 but would not have been the case in December 1861. Hence the General Registration Office record for his birth says his birth was registered as East & West Flegg. Jan/Feb/Mar 1862. Vol 4b, page 37. Mother’s maiden name recorded as Futter. His birth certificate however does not list a name for his father. The odd thing is that Henry was not recorded later at any official time as living with Elizabeth & Edward. This may have simply been due to the timing of census returns etc but what we do know is that despite it being almost certain that Edward was his father he chose to go through the rest of his life under the surname of Futter.

Henry Moore (Futter) birth certificate 1861

Elizabeth & Edward Moore had two other children who were therefore the siblings of Henry. They were Louisa (b1863) and Elizabeth (b1865).

Henry was listed in the 1871 census as Henry Futter, aged 9, living with his grandparents at Back Lane (Back Road), Martham.

He married Arletta Skoyles on 24th May 1880 at St Nicholas Church, Great Yarmouth. Arletta was born on 27th April 1862 at Martham and her parents were Thomas Skoyles and Agnes Arletta, nee Newton. At the time Henry was a carpenter. In 1881 they were living at Black Street with Arletta’s parents.

In both 1901 and 1911 Henry & Arletta were living in Black Street, Martham with their own family and Henry was a builder. 

Henry and Arletta had the following children:

  1. Marion Maud Futter was born about 1880 in Martham, Great Yarmouth. She died in 1962 in Northgate Hospital Yarmouth.
  2. Thomas Arthur Futter was born in 1883 in Martham, Great Yarmouth. (Fleggs. Apr/May/Jun 1883. Vol 4b, page 44. Mother’s maiden name Skoyles.). He died in 1911 in Martham, Great Yarmouth. (Aged 28).
  3. Emily Eliza Futter was born in 1886 in Martham. (Flegg. Apr/May/Jun 1886. Vol 4b, page 40.).
  4. John Futter was born in 1888 in Martham. (Fleggs. July/Aug/Sep 1888. Vol 4b, page 44. Mother’s maiden name Skoyles.). He died in 1890 (Fleggs. Jul/Aug/Sep 1890. Vol 4b, page 12.).
  5. Arletta Futter was born on 24 Sep 1890 in Martham. (Fleggs. Jul/Aug/Sep 1890. Vol 4b, page 34. Mother’s maiden name Skoyles.). She died in 1978 in Martham.
  6. Edward Henry Futter was born in 1894 in Martham. (Fleggs. Jul/Aug/Sep 1894. Vol 4b, page 46. Mother’s maiden name Skoyles.). He died on 08 Oct 1910 in Martham.  (Aged 16).
  7. Robert Benjamin Futter was born in 1896 in Martham. (Fleggs. Apr/May/Jun 1896. Vol 4b, page 42. Mother’s maiden name Skoyles.). He died on 15 Sep 1916 in France & Flanders (Killed aged 20 on active service in France & Flanders).
  8. Florence Elizabeth Rebecca Futter was born in 1898 (Fleggs. Apr/May/Jun 1898. Vol 4b, page 45. Mother’s maiden name Skoyles.).
  9. Ada Louise Futter was born on 27 Oct 1901 in Martham. (Flegg. Oct/Nov/Dec 1901. Vol 4b, page 45. Mother’s maiden name Skoyles.). She died on 22 Jan 1992 in Martham. She married Henry Russell Maggs on 27 Dec 1930 in Yarmouth.
  10. Benjamin Moore Futter was born in 1904 in Martham. (Fleggs. Jul/Aug/Sep 1904. Vol 4b, page 44. Mother’s maiden name Skolyes.). He died on 28 Apr 1931 in Martham aged 26. He married Irene Nichols in 1928 (Yarmouth. Oct/Nov/Dec 1928. Vol 4b, page 95).

Henry and Arletta had a wonderfully large family which is shown by this fabulous photo of their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

The Golden Wedding of Henry and Arletta Futter 24th May 1930. Back row standing l-R: Fred Knowles, Albert Knowles, Jack Futter, Arthur Reeve, Will Eastman, Harry Clarke. 2nd row standing: Ben Futter (holding Dorothy), Reeny Futter, Letty Eastman, Rene Reeve, Mary Reeve, Agnus Futter, Harry Futter, Tom Knowles. Seated: Arletta (Mary) Knowles, Emily Eastman, Henry Futter, Arletta Futter, Maud Reeve, Florence Clarke (holding John), Ada Futter. Bottom row: Fred Knowles, Bob Knowles, Muriel Knowles, Harry Knowes, Harry Reeve, Tom Clarke, Peggy Clarke, Roy Clarke, Jim Reeve.

Henry was well known locally for keeping bees and selling his honey.

Henry’s honey advert
Henry’s Black Street apiary

Henry died on 6th December 1938 in Martham, aged 77 and is buried along with Arletta, who died on 2nd August 1958, in St Mary’s graveyard, section H, plot. L19 – see below. His estate was probated on 14th July 1939 in Norwich.

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