Simon Blaking

In 1297 Simon of Martham fled into St. Nicholas Church, Great Yarmouth  and confessed that he had broken into a house owned by Mr Hill of Hemsby and had stolen a side of bacon valued at two shillings and afterwards escaped from the prison of South Town, Great Yarmouth and after that killed William Filz Nicholas Blaking of Martham and admitted his crimes in the presence of the Coroner and the Bailiffs of Yarmouth. He was also accused in the same year of setting fires, robberies and wilful damage to the amount of about £666. He was allowed to go to Ewell West Station (the Port of Tilbury) to transport himself abroad within 15 days.  

Such protection was allowed at that time if a murderer could reach a church before he was apprehended and confessed his crimes before then being taken to the Justices and accordingly they could be set free.

Source: A General History of the County of Norfolk: Intended to Convey All …, Volume 1

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